Yanzee Global Logistics--effective supply chain fulfillment in an increasingly integrated global economy

End-to-End Service Solutions

At Yanzee Global, we provide effective, on-time, supply chain solutions with online visibility to our customers. We are a full-service transportation logistics provider of ocean and air freight, road transport, warehousing & distribution, Customs clearance and project cargo. With offices in the US and Asia, Yanzee Global will coordinate overseas cargo shipping; import/export management, customs clearance & coordination and warehouse services all with cloud-based integrated knowledge transfer to our clients.

With You Every Step of the Way

With over 15 years as a global transportation provider, our staff of experienced personnel and partners will help guide you through the complexities of overseas shipping, inbound logistics and customs coordination. We understand that your cargo is important – a lot of capital has been invested, and any mistakes at this point will be costly. In order to protect your investment, we offer top-tier service and solutions that are personally suited for each of our customers’ unique needs. We will help you navigate all aspects of international freight forwarding, including overseas product sourcing to domestic and foreign warehousing, distribution and delivery. In addition, our trained staff is available to you 24 hours a day, so whether you are in Hong Kong, Sidney or Washington DC, we are here for you.

Cloud-Based Information Transfer

The key to successful transportation logistics is supply chain management, and the key to supply chain management is transparency. In high volume, multi-modal order processes, issues in fulfillment can cause major problems, delays, and skyrocketed costs. At Yanzee Global, we understand the importance of knowing where your shipment is at any given stage in the supply chain. That’s why we’ve provided our customers with the tools to manage and view every event in their shipping cycle, from booking to delivery; with cloud-based information transfer. Our on-line, 24 hour cargo tracing tools allow you to see behind the scenes so there are no surprises – just a successful experience every time.