Yanzee Global Logistics does things differently.

Mission Statement

Aiming to be the premier global logistics provider, we strive to provide each and every client with superior service, attention to detail, and transparent communication. We seek to continually develop innovative solutions that benefit our clients, partners, and industry.

We Pledge To

    • Provide our customers with consistently superior service and competitive rates
    • Strive for maximum efficiency without sacrificing service
    • Continually innovate and anticipate market changes
    • Protect the interest of our customers, employees and partners

A message from Yanzee Global Logistic's founder, Terence Hahn

Over the past decade, large 3PLs have dramatically increased their acquisition of mid-size logistics firms, driven by the need to quickly grow a customer base and increase market shares. However, this consolidation created a growing market of underserved clients, and new and mid-size importers/exporters with specialized needs now find themselves greatly underserviced.

Enter Yanzee Global…a  global logistics firm specifically created to fill the void in today’s logistics industry. We offer top-tier service for growing and mid-sized import/exporters who need it.

From the start, our vision has been clear: offer our customers competitive rates for a tremendous breadth of global supply chain strategies, without sacrificing the individual attention, constant communication, and premiere service that companies expect. We proudly serve many of the same clients we had when we began our mission over 15 years ago.

Actualizing our company vision is no easy task, but we know that prioritizing our customers’ success ensures our own. After all, our customers’ needs drive us to continually maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain integrity and honesty in every aspect of our organization–ultimately benefitting Yanzee Global as well as our clients and industry partners.

Welcome to Yanzee Global Logistics…continually raising the bar in supply chain logistics.

Terence Hahn
Founder and President
Yanzee Global Logistics